Some clients already have the perfect vision, and look to Safari Classics to bring that vision to life. Others are still in the process of developing marketing strategies that fit both their need, and budget. We have the expertise to assist both clients, and frankly, any customer need and situation in between.

Effective presentation development incorporates modern design, compelling copy, and sound marketing strategies. Let our Safari Classics team show you why we are the effective and affordable choice to spearhead your production needs.

Many companies depend heavily on their social media platforms to reach their customer. The use of creative well produced video continues to be the most effective medium to deliver a message.

With the explosion of social media advertising, the industry has seen a change in both content length and delivery methods. Short films (generally under 8 minutes in length) have proven exceptionally effective.

In addition, many of our customers are using a series of short video ads (10-15 seconds) to drive a message or brand. These are extremely effective and affordable options for social media campaigns.

We have provided examples of our work below.






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