South Africa is a trophy hunters dream. There is no other destination in Africa that can provide the diversity of habitat that this beautiful country offers. From the rolling hills of the Winterberg Mountains in the Eastern Cape to the thorn scrub in the north, South Africa offers the safari hunter a chance to hunt over 30 species of game. In addition to being Africa’s most modern country, South Africa is also known as a tourist friendly destination.

South Africa is best known for it’s magnificent plains game hunting. These safaris are affordable as well as successful. The two safari operators that we represent have long-standing reputations in the industry and are recognized for their strong contributions to game management and conservation.

Our world-class plains game safaris are the perfect choice for either the first time hunter or the safari veteran looking for superior service and record book quality game. Our safari operators welcome families who enjoy hunting together. They regularly host husband/wife or father/son/daughter safaris and enjoy a long client and reference list of satisfied hunting guests.

The hunting areas utilized by our operators are all under intense game management programs. Although this requires the use of game fences, the properties are large in nature and in no way detract from the overall safari experience.

Accommodations in South Africa are some of the finest on the continent and are renowned for excellent cuisine and outstanding service. This is due to the fact that these are privately owned property and not government concessions that are limited to short tender periods.

The team at Safari Classics has years of experience with our outfitters in South Africa, enabling us to tailor a safari to meet your trophy expectations with both quality and quantity.

White Rhino are widely available in South Africa. These days a trophy rhino is available at a cost of approximately $90,000. However, these are purchased on tender so if you do have an interest in this trophy, we will tentatively reserve one for you at a pre-determined level.

A typical safari to South Africa ranges form 7 – 10 days in length. The pricing structure in South Africa is different than other African countries. There are no government stipulated minimums; therefore the daily hunting rates are generally the lowest in Africa. The daily hunting rate for the prime outfitters we use are between $300 and $560 per day. Please contact us for a specific price quote or promotional DVD for a safari to South Africa.






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