Dave’s has been a life entirely dedicated to his passion for the outdoors. His love for adventure and big game hunting has allowed him to travel the globe in several capacities ranging from guide, outdoor writer, videographer, and producer and television personality. Dave has hunted on four continents and taken over 75 species of big game, but his heart and professional career are most notably linked to Africa. Dave spends a great deal of the safari season on location in Africa filming, hunting, and working with the outfitters Safari Classics represents. When not in Africa, he is in the Dallas office assisting safari clients or overseeing the production of Safari Classics television and DVD projects.

Tim’s background in marketing and business management has been an integral part of the growth and success of Safari Classics Productions. His love of hunting, shooting, and fine double guns eventually led him to Africa, and starting a love affair that has only gotten stronger since he first stepped foot on The Dark Continent over twenty years ago. Tim has hunted and filmed in most of Africa’s premier hunting fields and has taken the majority of the recognized dangerous game. Tim has spent a great deal of his professional life on African soil in the capacity of producer and videographer for his companies numerous television and DVD projects and his work has long been enjoyed by sportsmen who, like he, see Africa as the ultimate hunting destination. Tim splits his stateside time between the business end of the TV and production division, and our African safari booking business.

Christy is Safari Classics production manager. Overseeing all areas of video production in the Dallas office, her talent as an editor, combined with her creative eye is a driving force behind the success of Safari Classics Productions. Seeing Africa every day through her computer, and having been on safari herself, enable Christy to capture the mood and unforgettable moments of a particular story or safari. Christy is truly one of the top editors and production specialists in the entire world of outdoor production making her a key member of the Safari Classics team.

Cameron has turned his passion for the outdoors into a business lifestyle through his career as editor for Safari Classics Productions. Widely recognized in the waterfowl industry as a world-class caller and duck hunter, Cameron's skill can be seen on both sides of the camera on our newest outdoor television series, " Quack Shack TV. " Cameron brings an 'artists eye' to this series, be it on camera talking a flock of mallards into the decoys, capturing the action behind the lens, but especially during the editing process as he brings each new episode to life with his " in the blind " editing style. Cameron is also a contributing editor on our ' Tracks Across Africa ' and' Dark and Dangerous ' safari themed series. Cameron brings an early to late attitude to the job from the blind to the studio and we are excited watching him grow into one of the top editors and field producers in the business.

Renz has been in video production for well over a decade and brings a background in commercial film to his work, and few men in the business are as adept at capturing the true essence of the safari experience on camera. Renz enjoys the challenge of filming dangerous game under fair chase conditions, and he is one of the steadiest hands in the business when things get intense at close range. Always in a good mood and ready to enjoy the day, his easy going personality make him a client favorite.

Andy literally grew up in the safari industry, the son of well-known PH, Willy McDonald. While Andy’s filming duties have sent him to most of Africa’s game fields, he has most recently been “our man in Tanzania” in charge of our East Africa safari productions. Andy has an inborn passion for hunting, with both the rifle and video camera, and he is among the hardest working guys on the Safari Classics team. Andy has quickly carved out a reputation as one of today’s newest stars in the safari filming game, and his work can be enjoyed year round on our Tracks Across Africa, and Hornady’s Africa with Ivan Carter television series, as well as our Safari Classics DVD series.

Jamie is the Safari Classics office manager, and in most cases the clients initial contact with Safari Classics. Jamie is a safari industry veteran, with over 10 years of dedicated service in the safari booking business. Her efficient nature, outgoing personality, and attention to detail make her a favorite of clients who depend on her ability to oversee the logistics, travel, and financial details of their safari. There are a lot of moving parts to the safari adventure, and Jamie is involved in each step of the process, from the initial phone call or visit, to your safe return back home. Safari Classics is a company that pays attention to detail and customer service, and there is no person in the industry more qualified to oversee these all important jobs than Jamie Cowan. One visit with Jamie and you will see what we mean.





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